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For those times when you're on the go, in front of a property on the market, and want to know how much it costs. 

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Hanging out somewhere you fancy living? In front of a house with a for sale sign outside? Knocker tells you how much it costs to live in that neck of the woods.


Homes are listed by the closest to you. Swipe left and right to find a home that meets your requirements and budget. Save to review later or share with a friend or loved one.


Find a home you've simply got to see straight away? One tap calls the agent and you can arrange a viewing. Literally, the fastest way to discover properties out there.

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Instant UK property prices

Knocker uses GPS to find properties based on where you are at that moment. We’ve done away with complex forms that begin your search - when you’re on location, you deserve to see everything.

Simple property information

We bring each property to your iPhone in a beautiful card, designed to give you the best information everytime you browse. Tap to view more detailed information, or swipe to see other properties further away.

Search for somewhere you want to live.

Let's face it, you're not always in the place you want to live. Use our new search feature to search for property by street, post code or specific location. Because our search is powered by Google Local, you can even search for homes close to schools, shops, pubs or other businesses.

Filter what you see

One tap enables super fast filters, enabling you to see those available to rent, or properties you can buy.

Save to review later

View all your saved properties at the tap of a button. See everything you’ve collected, and refine the list by swiping to remove houses that don’t meet your requirements.

Tell others what you’re liking

We know that when you’re looking for somewhere new to live, you often have other people who are directly interested, or who’s opinions you value. Share any property with them so you can get their crucial feedback.

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